i-shooting is a professionnal photographic studio created in 2006 by Albin PORCHEREL. Based in Paris, i-shooting is specialised in corporate picture for companies and professionnals. The most common commands are : Official Portrait and Corporate Reportage. Our pictures illustrate websites, internal and external communications, annual reports, advertising, packaging, POS, press kits, exhibitions, walls picture etc...

For this i-shooting features photographic studios, the first in Paris, the second is located in Paris North close to the Stade de France, and a studio mobile that installs when and where you like for your shots at home.

i-shooting works in deep complicity with direction & management services, communication, marketing and press relations companies and professionals. Ask us ANY what you want!

Fluent english spoken, i-shooting in an American Chamber of Commerce in France member.

Amazing portraits... with talent can make jam with peelings ;-)

Adrien Schmidt, CEO at Squid Solutions Inc.I Chairman of NUMA, Paris

The pictures are fantastics ! Exactly what I wanted, big up Albin !

Giulia Buttini, Communications Manager American Chamber of Commerce in France

OUR Services

For almost 10 years i -shooting provide a photographic service for the largest French Companies in France and abroad .
We specialize in photography for the world of business and professional
- The portrait of leaders, employees and teams .
- The report on business websites , events , parties and team building .
- Photo Studio for your products , items and accessories .
- The report in a foreign country .

OUR Clients


i-shooting present here her photos in her favorite 4 categories.
Corporate: the world and the life of the company, portraits, events and products.
Architecture: the decor, the shop, outside and inside.
Still Life: illustration, advertising, everyday life, artists, and moods.
Fashion: parades, look books, products and editorials catalogs.

Le groupe de punk du célèbre Alexandre Pesle. Gunther à la basse et Cassiopée à la guitare

Alexandre Pesle's Punk Band

Le groupe punk d'Alexandre Pesle.

Mélanie et sa collègue au laboratoire UNIPEX

Banque d'image pour UNIPEX

Illustration pour le groupe UNIPEX.

Baywatch house un parès midi d'aout @ Santa Barbara Beach

Baywatch house

Santa Barbara - Californie 2008

Shooting Ivette à Miamai beach pour Monica Paris. Manatane prend un drink en terrasse du Hilton Downtown

Shooting Miami pour Monica Paris

Ivette à Miami beach - Manatane terrasse Hilton

Le parc national de Sequoia avec ces merveilleux arbres centenaires pour certains. Californie.

Perspective de Sequoia

Le parc national de Sequoia en Californie

I.D. Sarrieri au salon de la lingerie Who's Next Paris.

Salon de la lingerie - Collection Winter 2012

I.D. Sarrieri Inc.

Christian Kenne gérant de HIS et son équipe.

HIS et son équipe

La Courneuve - (93)

Loft d'artiste de souvenirs proche de la 9th St San Francisco USA‎

Loft d'artiste San Francisco USA

proche de la 9th St San Francisco

Portrait de Rebecca Manzoni pour la chaine de TV Franco Allemande ARTE - shooting bijou porte clé pour Georges Rech.

Rebecca Manzoni - produit porte clé

Rebecca Manzoni pour Arte - porte clé Georges Rech

Shooting boutique pour la marque Apostrophe Paris

Boutique Apostrophe Paris

Rue Castiglione Paris

Shooting event pour Bacardi avec Ivette à Miami

Shooting event pour Bacardi

Ivette à Miami Beach

Shooting de l'équipe dirigeante de la Start Up Kadrige Paris

Shooting Kadrige à Paris

Start Up Kadrige Paris

Shooting Emilie Aubry pour son magazine Global mag sur Arte

Shooting Emilie Aubry pour Arte

présentatrice de Global mag

Sabine Ghanem is a young London-based fine jewellery designer who draws her inspiration from a rich mix of Eastern and Western cultures

Sabine Ghanem fine jewellery designer


Commande illustration hopital de Boulogne.

Illustration médicale

Hopital Ambroise Paré - Boulogne (92)

London business Tower illustration

London business Tower illustration

like postacard

shooting avec Jeremy Charvet en terrasse dans le marais Paris

Jeremy Charvet

en terrasse au fer à cheval - Paris

Le soleil dans les arbres de la foret Bretonne entre terre et mer

Le soleil dans la foret Bretonne

Cote d'Armor je t'aime



Rapport annuel & conférence de presse

Amandine Klep casse son image de jolie petite blonde fragile. Boutique Apostrophe Paris.

Amandine Klep - boutique Apostrophe

objectif casser l'image de la jolie blonde

Extension groupe hospitalier CHU DIJON.

Agrandissement CHU DIJON

Photo suivi de chantier

Morgan Stanley's party in Los Angeles at Bob and Cynthia's

Morgan Stanley's party in LA

at Bob and Cynthia's Los Angeles

Campagne publicitaire Allure Coiffure.

Campagne publicitaire Allure Coiffure

Automne - Hiver 2014

Camille test lingerie Paris

Camille test lingerie

shooting Paris

Trombinoscope DEPOLABO.

Trombinoscope DEPOLABO

shooting à Paris lors d'une réunion nationale

Masha à New York City pour Geaorges Rech. Amanite phalloïde au compte fil sur table lumineuse.

Masha à NYC & Amanite phalloïde

pour Georges Rech

Sensibilisation Handicap

Sensibilisation Handicap Bordeaux

compagnie D&O

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Karim Belkhadra

Tournage "Asylum" O.chateau

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Alexandre Pesle

Portrait officiel du comédien

Portrait Start Up Paris.

Portrait Start Up Paris Squid Solutions

Co founder Squide Solutions

Taxi in New York City.

Taxi in New York City

234 W 42nd St, New York

Black tribal in jail.

Black tribal in jail

The Rock - San Francisco

Concert au siège de l'UNESCO Paris.

Concert au siège de l'UNESCO Paris.

Concert au siège de l'UNESCO Paris.

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un matin au canal

Canal de Bourgogne

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Camille pour GR

Bijoux Démonia

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Hotel Regency Las Vegas

nuit de noce 15 aout

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Elise pour Apostrophe

look book Apostrophe

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Couverture rapport annuel

Crédit Agricole - Ile de France

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Start up Squid Solution

elegant portrait

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Le comptoir général

Thank you Albin for the photo & videoshoot in Benin, This is proof that your team is really cross-country, soon for the next mission

Armelle Arrou, Public Relations and Partnership UNESCO


If to you pictures is synonymous with constraints?
Then we are forced to Bussing!

- Over 20 years experience in the world of the image.
- No compromise, if anything strong images.
- A photographic experience of emotions, friendship and complicity.
- Satisfaction or redone if the work presented does not satisfy you we redo.
- Proof by the image, visit our Portfolio.

Our good mood, our consideration, our willingness and creativity, as well as our estimates are free and offered generously and without moderation in our services.

I-shooting's birthday 10 years 2006-2016

our values

- The passion, we are artists passionate about our respective businesses and creativity is at your service.

- Complicity in our team and with you, we always work with enthusiasm in joy, fun and good humor.

- The authenticity, aesthetics and truth, we produce quality images that looks like you and not vice versa.

- Harmony in colaboration, fidelity in the relationship and trust with our customers at all times.

- The generosity, solidarity, respect and sharing, i-shooting supports Médecin Sans Frontières, les Restos du Cœur, Handicap International, Reporters Sans Frontières, le Refuge, ...

our commitments

- We are committed to be a creative partner in your firm and reliable communication process.

- We engageonsà be present and guide you in defining your specifications to delivery of your order.

- We are committed to creating a strong and coherent vision according to your expectations and your needs.

- We promise to get rid of your stress: image bank, trombinoscope, reportage, pack shot, portrait, interview ...

- We are committed to build and cultivate strong links made of trust, cooperation and success with your management teams as with EC members and employees.

The STUDIO Network

Paris was not built in a day, i-shooting either ...
Here is a list of friends and companies participating (or have participated) actively make me PORCHEREL Albin, an accomplished professional photographer and my company i-shooting, a leading photo studio on which we can rely and build. I thank them affectionately

Denis Pochard : Tribu Conseils & Un petit coin de ciel bleu & The Paimpol Connexions, 100.000 entrepreneurs, Camille Goix mannequin & enquêtrice, Selim Saadi & Messaoud Mahmoud #jesuismess NAPE C&A, la Piscine Suzanne-Berlioux les Halles de Paris, Lucille Mancini Make-up, Pétros et ses restaurants le Samson et l'Auberge de la Butte aux Cailles Paris 13, Alexandre Pesle, Michel Pourcelot, La Boutique du Spectacle, la Piscine de la Butte aux Cailles Paris 13, Line Abeau-Inard, Aida M'Dalla & Allure Coiffure Allure coiffure, Lazimi Family, Adrien Schmidt Squid-Solutions, Alexandra Gaie, Pascale Crab & Sophie Dano SODICA, Jonns les Studios-Parisiens, Laëtitia de Bazelaire, Frédéric Bruet, Idriss Akpiti Les Lapins Bleus, Amadéo, Eric Sineau SEREC, Masha Sitnikova, Olivier Chateau, Alain Christine Alys Delahaie-Kennedy, Ricardo Philipps Hotel, Négatif plus, Thierry Mouton EMCW, Albane Cousinard Make-up, Catherine & Christian Wenger, Guillaume Bisotto, Stella Paris, Btissam Daif, Peggy Szkudlarek Sinny&Ooko, Romain Apparicio, Isaac Morgan Montgomery, Photo Rent Bastille, Frédéric Ménard zutique, Nadia Sebati ADIRCOM, Jérémy Malaveau, Franck Nemoz Hairstylist, Claire Delafaite, R-Evolution Club, Franck Monsigny, MMF-Pro, Olivier Sarezinski & Myriam Louergli Optimrezo, Francine Grunwald La Galerie Foret Verte, Tristan Hidier, Anne Maire DDB-live, Charlotte Henry Make-up, Viktoria Videnina, Vanessa Orzechowski, Monica Paris, Sandrine Barth OODT, Morgane de Maistre, Elie Liberman MARKETINGCOACH, Thibault Brebant Tabletop pixel, François Colas Champagne Bruno Paillard, Beya Zerguine, Le Cyrano café, Maître Nadine Olszer, Airbnb, Stephan Norsic ZoomUp, Lamine & Fatima & Yazid & Le Coq Hardi, Thomas Guyon, Dylan Goubin, Philippe Decoret, Elodie & Elsa Georges Rech, Jérémy Charvet, Adel Bechar, Monsieur Chouchowsky, Frédérique Baligand, Simine Commien Make-up, Sylvain Levy-Valensi Suptertiaire, Georges Abitbol, Carlos Shered, Broncolor Paris, Lili Boniche, Robert & Cynthia Newman Morgan Stanley, Krumpet my love, Emmanuel Razavi, Hillit Hermon Kids Creating Peace, Laurent Barugel, Pascale Lévêque Savannah, Estelle Zhong, Frédéric Ménard Zutique, Benjamin Poujouly Numeritek, Cheick Soumaoro La Ruée, Noelle Roques rn-architecture, Mikaël Ladire les ratons laveurs, Lamine Talakela Consulting Time, Alban Bakhti & la chocolaterie, Bernard Guillite Real Prod, Julio Sa Rego & Osman Benchick & Zaid Angelos Haidar UNESCO, Boko Ida & Olivaris Laleye ISMA, Quantin Vaillant, Roby Baltimore Cabinet Roby Prévoyance, Giulia Buttini Amcham, Stéphane Nicolas Aquilae Management, Sophie Ronceray, Cornelia Jung, L'orillon Bar, Emilien Combette, Flavien Bazenet & Kevin Gompertz MCBG-conseil, Marie Komorowski, Moctar Jeledi Ecole de la 2eme Chance, Marie Fromont, Nabil Doss, Elena Gorbounova, Bérangère Gautheron Webulous, Julie Ostat, Fareed Kairon, Ousmane Kane, Chloé Pancir, Jonathan Louis Profitimer, Patrick Maurières JBA, Maître Amele Faoussi, CyberSeb & le6B, #thenastycam, Le Cannibale Cafe, Frédérique Montresor Bleu Ebène, Thierry Willieme Wisdom Paris,...

This honest and sincere list is not exhaustive ...
If you think you have been forgotten, we do not please send us a message

Contact us

Albin Porcherel

+33 6 62 04 90 52

i-shooting - 231 rue Saint HonorÉ - 75001 Paris - France